Why My Pants Don’t Fit….

Where to even begin. There are so many reasons that “may” have contributed to the situation of my pants not fitting. Let’s see there is lack of physical activity, lack of personal will power, or maybe it can be attributed to the fact that my  my former house didn’t have any full size mirrors. Hey you can’t judge what you can’t see, right?

But honestly, there is really one reason why my pants don’t fit and the answer is right here:


Yep, you see that sweet and innocent face right there? That’s my friend Sarah Ramsay, CIA trained chef, local restaurateur and owner of  Good Little Eater. Make note, that CIA part should should get the elastic in your waistband’s attention.

Good Little Eater is a hidden gem on Tenth Street, just west of the downtown roundabout in Stillwater. And before we get further into the who, what, when, where of the matter….let’s start off with a little salivating…..



Now you understand my dilemma. Just look all of that fresh yummy goodness. Eats that I can’t even image how to make (sidebar: my sub-par culinary ability will be covered, in depth, in future posts). 

Now Sarah and I don’t go way back, in fact I we’ve only known each other for maybe over a year, but as my middle regions have grown, so has our friendship. With all the waist fluctuating talk I have to point out that Good Little Eater actually does serve healthy food. The portions are appropriate, the ingredients are always fresh, the options are always made from scratch. Plus she always offers a salad that you can add protein to.

My problem is always the dessert options. They are insanely delicious and sometimes resemble what you would imagine being served at Alice in Wonderland’s tea party. They are made with the decadency and delicacy one would expect from a European pâtisserie. They are  completely irresistible in my book.  I mean look at the offerings:




But where I run into trouble all boils down to this:


The simplicity of Good Little Eater’s chocolate chip cookies makes for a superb indulgent treat as each bite contains the crisp capsule that holds the gooey chocolate morsels surrounded in spongy batter. I am fairly certain that the feelings I have towards them are illegal in 32 states and the District of Columbia.  Your time in Stillwater will be wasted with out experiencing this culinary treat.

Ready to give Good Little Eater a go? Make Note that Good Little Eater serves lunch (11:30am – 2pm) on Wednesdays and Fridays for takeout or dine in, and brunch every other Sunday. They also prepare pre-ordered dinners for pick up on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays along with special-order casseroles and desserts, for pick-up most days at our shop.

To signup to receive their weekly menus click on the cookies below:



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