Payne County Pie 

Now don’t get too excited here. No, there isn’t a new business in Payne County named “Payne County Pies”….although it isn’t a bad name or an idea for one.

As you probably know by now, I’m a cookie kind of gal, specifically a chocolate chip cookie kind of gal. But something you may now know about me is that I’m also an “Ag gal” too. I grew up on hog farms, my grandparents raised registered Brangus cattle, and my husband and I also raise cattle. Heck, like many Oklahomas (or transplanted Arkansans known as Arkie-Okies like moi) the county fair has been part of my family’s life for as long as I can remember.

My dad and aunt Katie preparing to show sheep at the Muskogee County Fair.

 I love the county fair and everything about it from the carnival  chow to the livestock shows. It’s the one place where agriculture and terrifying carnival rides bring people from every facet of our community together. I love how my oldest son’s excitement for the fair builds throughout the summer and the sounds of pure joy that come from him as he rides the rides once the fair arrives. If you ask me a week isn’t long enough for a county fair.

My oldest son and his friend/cousin (family relationships are hard to explain these days) on a Ferris wheel.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is the dwindling number of exhibitors over the years. I often wonder what the cause of this is. Is that less people are involved in agriculture than in my youth? Or maybe with our busy go go go lifestyles we just don’t have time to participate?

After thinking about this for awhile I’ve decided that it comes down to one thing, participation. The less people who exhibit their talent, the less exhibits of said talent will be on display. Thus rather than complaining about it, I’ve decided to do something about it. Get ready for this…..

“I’m going to enter the 2017 Payne County Fair Pie Contest”.


Judges, you have officially been warned. I say this out of the goodness of my Christian heart because kitchen disasters, well I’ve had a few.  I’m not even sure what I was trying to bake in the picture below, but what ever it was I think we can all agree that it didn’t end well.

JMH kitchen failure, exhibit 1-A.

I hope that you, friend, will help me with this adventure. I’ve already called my husband’s granny, who is an extremely talented cook and baker, to come over this week and give me a “crust” lesson. I’ve also started a Pinterest Board called “Payne County Pies” to collect recipes and tips. I’ll be using my Facebook and Instagram accounts to keep you updated on my progress / “oh my gawd it’s burning” moments.

So my question for you is….

“What kind of pie would you bake for the Payne County Fair”?




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