Rushing to Recruitment


Many moon’s ago, man thinking about how long ago it really was makes me feel OLD, I went through Oklahoma State University’s Greek Recruitment process, although it was called “Rush” back in those days. I wasn’t one of gals who had always thought I’d join a Greek house while in college, even though many members of my family had joined a sorority or a fraternity in their day. It wasn’t that I had anything against the process, I just didn’t think it was for me. But in the end the real reason I joined OK State’s Greek system boiled down to two words: AIR CONDITIONER!

In the summer of 1999 (remember I said I was old y’all) my dorm assignment appeared in the mail and as I opened it all I could think was, “old Bennett, ummmm no”.  Not dogging Bennett Hall, but in my day the place was “cooled” in some fashion that didn’t involve an air conditioner and being that I was technically an international student at the time, did I tell y’all I went to high school overseas and my parents still lived there my freshman year of college?…..I wasn’t going to have my air conditioner being 8,137 miles (serious mileage y’all) away.


Bennett Hall, Oklahoma State University

Thus began my Greek adventure. The next day I dashed to Stillwater to turn in my registration papers and my mother and I set out to purchase the perfect wardrobe for the process. When the hot day finally rolled around in mid August I was ready, but still I didn’t understand what I was really in for.

The process of recruitment really wasn’t that stressful for me. I visited each house the first days, making note of the houses that saved space for a small group of freshmen to move in and put them at the top of my list. I also tried to envision myself living, eating, studying, and so on in each house and looked for women in each organization that I thought I’d might befriend. No sense joining something where you couldn’t see yourself hanging out with anyone else….right?

My sorority sister Ali and I at another sister’s wedding.

In the end I found the house that was right for me, I was able to move in, and I am still great friends with many of the women of the sorority in which i joined. Then seven year’s later my sister joined the same chapter, even thought we are exact opposites, we ended up right where we were meant to be and she loved the experience just as much as I did.

My exact opposite and sister, Allie. 

Which chapter did I join you ask? Well you’ll have to wait until Bid Day for me disclose that “top secret” information. Not that I think my little ole blog will have any influence on any of the prospective new members, but I’d rather my story be as biased as possible so that other gals are able to find the best house for them, weather it’s my house or another one.

So, whether your reason for joining a Oklahoma State University sorority is because of sisterhood, connections, homecoming involvement, or maybe even air conditioning, I wish you luck.

Great Bid Day Shopping

Now on to the Bid Day shopping! Y’all there are some many awesome store to shop at in Stillwater. When I moved here there was a few shops around Campus Corner and basically there was one shop downtown where you could buy a nice sweater vest that had a kitten playing with a ball of yarn embroidered on it. To say Stillwater’s shopping scene has come a long way is nothing short of a small of a miracle.

Thinking about taking your little legacy to Bid Day at your house? Well then Darling Dot has the perfect outfit for your little one. Or you can go with Orange and Black to show some Go Pokes school spirit and have a stand by for game day or Orange Friday! Since I have two boys I can’t buy these sweet little outfits for them, but you bet your little tush I’ve bought them for my niece Bailey.  Make sure you order them beforehand so they can be delivered in time.

Elizabeth’s Clothing and Gifts is a great place on Campus Corner to get towel wraps, pin boxes, and other great Greek gifts. It also has a wide selection of clothing for women of any age.


J.Cole Shoes is also on Campus Corner and has some great shoes, hello it’s in their name, but also offers Bid Day gifts for you to send your new little new member! They will even deliver it to your gal’s new house.

In Downtown Stillwater there are lots of places to check out that no longer sell clothing with embroidered kitten scenes including Greige Goods. This little slice of retail bliss carries the perfect outfit for your first day of school (make sure you send your mother a photo so she can post it on Face Book cause she misses you yo!) or your first “Coke Date”. I love everything in this store, I only wish I was hip enough to wear everything….which I’m not. I’ll have to work on that.


Here’s to a great OK State Panhellenic Recruitment 2017!



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